Cool Cool Cool​-​laboration

by Random Encounter feat. Random Encounters



Youtube video:

Random Encounter and Random Encounters collaborate in a final end of the year song.


released December 31, 2013


1. Flag Pole (feat. Random Encounters) - Koji Kondo, Random Encounter, and Random Encounters

2. Flag Pole (Cool Cool Mountain Instrumental) - Koji Kondo and Random Encounter


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Track Name: Flag Pole (feat. Random Encounters)
There goes the Flag Pole!
I gotta reach the goal!
And now my
Heart's racing
While chasing
That Flag Pole troll!

You can run but you can't hide!
Cause I'll still slide down your slip'ry side!
So kiss your
White slender
Rear end

Over! Under!
I'm on your trail!
Tripping! Falling!
So much epic fail!

I hope… You like
Sharpened claws down your spine!
You… Can kiss
My big brick-clad behind!

Run! Run! You stupid Pole!
(You'd better hurry! I'm gone!)
I'll tear you a new hole!
(I'd better scurry… So long!)
You'd better
Run faster!
(I'm over here now!)
You dastard-
(I'm off the port bow!)
-ly sack of bull!
(I'm trolling your whole song!)

I'm gonna tear your flag to

Bits with my sharpened claws!
(All right then,)
It's time to face ME, your final boss!
(And when I do, I will de-)
-Feat you
And beat you
To pulp!

Let's have a
Showdown, just you and I!
(-You've got crazy eyes…)
Time for our
Throwdown! Prepare to die!
(-I'm not scared to die!)
You'd better
Keep praying…
(Let's go!)
Your slaying
(Come at me bro!)
Is finally nigh!
(Now I'm bored. Let's move things forward-)

And once I leap down onto your head…
I'll break your neck, lest you're not yet dead!